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Other Nor'Sea Sites

Nor'Sea Yachts  -  The WEB site of the Nor'Sea factory
Northern Cal. Nor'Sea - The WEB site for the Northern California Nor'Sea owners group
Gail & Nancy Saint Aboard No News - A Nor'Sea owners cruising site
John and Martha Beth Lewis's site - A Nor'Sea owners site
Greg & Jill Delezynski's Web site - A Nor'Sea owners site
Larry Jackson's Web site - A Nor'Sea owners site

From: Dennis Kimmell"
Subject: Discussion list for owners of nor'sea27s and other interested parties.

 A discussion list for owners of Nor'Sea 27s and other interested parties  has been created. 
To subscribe to the list, point your web browser to:
Then just follow the simple on screen directions.  From that point on, until you "Unsubscribe", you will get a copy of any Nor'Sea 27 related e-mail that is sent to the discussion list.

ALSO Plaease note:
Each ONElist community (in our case Norsea27) has a Shared Files area available to it. This area can be accessed by going to the Member Center (log into onelist and select member center) and then selecting one of  the communities in which you are a member (Norsea27). The link to Shared  Files appears in the List Center. The Shared Files area is a private web site for your community. The Shared Files area provides each ONElist community with 5 megabytes of disk space. You can upload files to the area via your browser and other members of the community can view them. This feature is preferred to sending files as attachments through email, as many people cannot view attachments through their email programs. Additionally, downloading attachments can be an inconvenience for people with slower network connections. 
  If anyone encounters difficulty in uploading, please send a note
  directly to me. Thanks.

  Dennis Kimmell
  NorSea27 List moderator

Other Sites

Daja View News Group site A site to view mail messages back and forth on boating
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CruiseNews.Net A GREAT page that With links to a TON of cruising stories and info
LiveAboard Magazine  LiveAboard Magazine site; variety of topics
New Cursers for your boating computer sailors' cursors for your computer.