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The Nor'Sea 27 Owners Newsline

Issue #24

January, February, March 2001

The newsletter for Inspired Nor'Sea 27 Owners

Saga of the Poco Anitra

Northern California Nor'Sea get together

April 20-22, Oakland Yacht Club,Alameda, CO
Or Snail Mail
Gary Campbell
7 Invincible Ct.
Alameda, CA  94501

area--- he said yes -- a Garden designed ketch he keeps in Vallejo. Then I got excited and started asking him all sorts of questions about Vallejo, the 'Lift Bridge' on the Napa River, currents, wind, etc.  He was extremely kind and helpful. He said the wind 'really howls' in the summer afternoons.  He drew us a diagram of the Marina entrances, and said there was an empty slip next to his boat "Dragon Dance" which was moored stern-first.  He said if we get to Vallejo and the wind is up, we could zip into this windward slip "no sweat"!  He said we could easily check it out to make sure it was empty before we even entered the marina entrance. This proved to be a Godsend later!!  When we got to the boat, she was sitting at the end of the courtesy dock.  The marina had finished the bottom paint, and had launched her that morning.  I was anxious about the packing gland, since it had never been repacked in 21 years and I knew it always dripped more when we take the boat from fresh water to salt water .  So, I checked the well drip sump from the quarter berth and to my horror , the sump was full to the top and the packing gland was dripping every 10 seconds!  Luck

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Well , we've made it back home safe and sound!  We arrived at Lake Mead with "Poco Anitra" at  5 p.m. last Friday the 27th, after a two day tow from Napa Marina.  It was raining most of the first day of our trailering, but let up enough so we could make it through Tehachape Pass , which was a steep grade and a long pull!!!  At the lake, we had the marina put "Poco" in with the travel-lift the next morning in the rain. Then we waited until Saturday to put up the mast after the weather had cleared.  On Sunday, we took the trailer home, up the mountain.  We had to use our Thiokol snow cat to turn around the trailer; then we blocked it up, and removed the wheels/tires and put garbage bags over the hubs. Just in time---that night we had a light snow!!!  What an ending to our three part odyssey to Napa.

Fri. July 28th--- We boarded our Southwest Airlines plane, only to find out there was a mechanical problem, so all us passengers de-planed and after an hour delay, we re-boarded a second plane to Oakland. This time, we sat next to Rob who was reading a Cruising World magazine, and I happened to ask him if by chance he had a boat in the Bay


East Coast Travels by Mind's Eye.

Trailering Adventure's by Dennis Kimmel


Inside this issue:

Further Musing on Gerry and Atom

Last month we had an article about Gerry Couture and his Nor'Sea "Atom.  This month we have a short recollection of an earlier time in Gerry's journey…

It's very rare to see a visiting NorSea 27 in our paradise island of Bermuda but your piece in the last newsletter on Gerry Couture's completion of a world circumnavigation reminded me of the time he came

through here.
It was on one of his trans Atlantics prior to the "big one" that he visited and it stands out in my memory particularly for the fact that not only was his "Atom" alongside my dock, but anchored nearby was Keith on another NorSea - "Reliance" - a familiar boat to many owners as she was featured on the front page of the manufacturer's color bro

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