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Al & Lynann Barnes
aboard NJORD

Norse god of fairwinds & calm seas---hopefully

Njord at rest for the evening at San Juan Island.
We never did find a pot of gold in the aft cabin---
maybe the whole boat was ment to be the treasure.

My first mate and adviser in all matters,Lynann, and I took delivery of our boat directly from it's mothers mold on
Oct. 10th 1977 and have considered him pretty much a family member ever since. We all live in San Clemente,
Lyn and I in a house and Njord down at Dana Point harbor which is about 5 min. away, and belong to the
Dana West Yacht Club.



Thats me (Al), Lynann in companion way, our daughter-in-
law  Jolene,and son Rick that you can't see because he's taking the picture.
Sometimes we eat quite well "aboard the Nord".

I think these 2 pics were taken around '79 or '80 with the Wixoms, Lyle Hess,
and several of the other Heritage Marine crew present.

Then we have several NorSeas about to be ramed by a giant steamer. An ill fated
NorSea 26 can just barely be seen at the far end of the dock.